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Stillness (A new HKAF commission)

An interactive digital experience inspired by a site-specific performance and multimedia installation to soothe our fluctuating state of mind during the pandemic.

Stillness carves out a resting place, a shelter for the body and mind in times of uncertainty. Conceived by Hong Kong choreographer Wayson Poon, this site-specific work was originally created to perform in the cosy space of the former Holding Cell in the Tai Kwun Central Magistracy as a highly personal performing art experience, admitting one audience at a time. Facing the uncertainties brought by the pandemic and venue closure, artists got together to reimagine the possibility of moving the work online and created a digital experience with a virtual “holding cell”, inviting audience to enter this cold-looking virtual environment.

“What if we treat the former Holding Cell in the Tai Kwun Central Magistracy like a person? What would I most like to bring her?” “Warmth.”

“Where would I most like to bring her?” “Somewhere near the sea...”
- Wayson Poon, Concept, Choreographer and Dancer of Stillness

Everything begins in the physical space from which leaps boundless imagination. Using new media art, video and sound, Stillness carves out a virtual resting place for the body and mind. It leads the viewer on a journey of slowing down and taking in their sensory signals. In this digital encounter with physical movements and multimedia, listen to your needs and soothe your fluctuating state of mind.

The programme is an interactive online experience, and all the more rewarding if you come prepared to receive warmth. Relax and release tension through sight, sound and touch, in a moment that is yours and yours only. Experience a long-forgotten calmness.

For a complete experience, viewers are recommended to prepare a hot water bag or a balloon filled with warm water.

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Approx. 5 mins