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Jockey Club InnoArts Series

SHH—Virtual Reality: The Making-of

SHH—Virtual Reality was performed during the 2022 Hong Kong Arts Festival. Amidst the pandemic, the production teams in both Hong Kong and Shanghai could only communicate and exchange through virtual means. SHH—Virtual Reality: The Making-of documents the production process behind the VR film in Hong Kong, and includes video footage produced by the Shanghai team as well as the viewing experience of the audience. This record of a unique transregional collaboration during the pandemic reveals the significant changes that took place in our lives during this period, inviting audiences to confront and contemplate the challenges presented by COVID-19. It also highlights the sense of humanism that emerged amid the anxiety and turmoil of this experience, ultimately providing a message of hope for moving forward.

As the first commissioned production in the Jockey Club InnoArts Series, SHH combined VR technology and live theatre to create a unique journey, leading audiences into a new reality and providing a glimpse into the inner world of the characters. Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic, the production brought together artists from Hong Kong and Shanghai, who engaged in multiple adjustments and a process of fine-tuning to create the immersive, interactive experience that was brought to the Hong Kong Arts Festival stage.

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Commissioned and produced by the Hong Kong Arts Festival

Screening with Chinese and English subtitles

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Programme featured in the image/footage was conducted in strict compliance with the Government's health regulations for the public prevention of COVID-19.

Approx. 3 mins