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Jockey Club InnoArts Series

The Curtain Never Falls:
The Making of First Steps

From France to Hong Kong, from the rehearsal room at the Cattle Depot Artist Village to the West Kowloon stage, the French creative company Tamanoir Immersive Studio and Hong Kong artists worked together to create First Steps. This was a new performance at the 51st HKAF that lay at the intersection of immersive theatre, dance and the latest technology. At each show, 24 audience members stepped onto the stage, wearing headphones and listening to instructions, and joined five professional dancers to perform live in front of the audience in the theatre. The documentary film The Curtain Never Falls: The Making of First Steps reveals the entire creation process, including the constant revision of the dance instructions in Cantonese, a rehearsal to test how the participants responded to the instructions and how they interacted with the professional dancers, and much more. First Steps provided an opportunity for the participants to examine their relationship with their emotions through movement and dancing with strangers. The body does not lie and this documentary reveals how a deep connection beautifully unfolded between everyone involved in these performances at the 51st HKAF. 

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Commissioned and produced by the Hong Kong Arts Festival

Screening with Chinese and English subtitles

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Approx. 23 mins